“Biotech CMC Outsourcing Strategies – Boston” Symposium Hosted by WuXi’s STA a Great Success

On September 15th in Cambridge, MA, STA Pharmaceutical, a WuXi AppTec company, hosted a knowledge sharing and networking symposium, “Biotech CMC Outsourcing Strategies – Boston”. The agenda features nine speakers discussing topics focused on perspectives and best practices for successful CMC outsourcing and global regulatory strategies. Over 100 industry CMC professionals and collaborators participated in this event. We created a short video to capture some special and enjoyable moments, and hope you will enjoy it: https://youtu.be/u11juzNNaa0

The greater Boston area is a hotbed on innovation, with new therapies being developed at break-neck speed. Our speakers are leaders from some of the most prominent biotech companies in greater Boston area. CMC and supply chain management leaders from Vertex, Tesaro and Agios shared their successful stories about how their organizations have managed to meet aggressive drug development timelines while building a sophisticated CMC organization and setting up a robust 100%-outsourced global manufacturing and distribution network. To adapt to the rapidly changing global regulatory environment, speakers from Syner-G Pharma CMC Consulting and Corbus Pharmaceuticals addressed how to ensure global CMC quality and regulatory compliance as well as strategies for successfully defending regulatory starting material worldwide. We also heard the story about Tesaro’s approach to access Chinese market, the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world. Our outreach partners for this event include Massachusetts Life Science Center and Massachusetts Biotech Council.